2011: My Word Of The Year

I’ve never had a “Word of the Year”. I’ve seen other people talk about it but never really felt any inclination to do it myself. It was recently brought up by my friend Jason Wert as he reflected on his word of 2010. Shortly after that, my Twitter friend Alece talked about doing One Word 2011. No resolutions, just one word.

After both of those discussions, I decided to do it. I’ve never been big on resolutions but I immediately thought about the definition of the word “resolution”. I thought of things I wanted to bring to a resolution in my life in regards to my past. That led me to the root of the word. After putting it in prayer, I decided on the word RESOLVE. I looked at it in 3 aspects.

– verb
6. to settle, determine, or state formally in a vote or resolution

It’s time to officially resolve some things in my life. I want resolution on old issues so I can focus on the present. I don’t want any residue of the past (disappointments, failures, relationships) determining my future. What’s done is done and it is time to stop looking in the rear view mirror.

18.firmness of purpose or intent; determination.

I want resolve to finish everything I start this year. I don’t want to leave anything half done. I want to fulfill my dreams, not just buy a DSLR camera and leave it in my closet. Not just pick up a guitar for 3 weeks, then put it back in the case. Not just write a business plan and then never get the business up and running. I want to walk with resolve and determination this year. I plan to  fullfil my purpose with firmness and intentionality.

to solve again; to solve over and over

My buddy Keith Jennings gave me this idea. He said to me on his blog, “One way I love looking at this word is this: re-solve. As in, to solve over and over again. It suggests that we will encounter setbacks and get stuck, but these are temporary states that can be re-solved through the resolve of our quest.” I loved that, so I’m using it.

I don’t want to try once. I don’t even want to try twice. I have determined to be a problem-solver. I want to keep moving forward and not allow discouragement to cause me to give up or settle on mediocrity.

I’m determined for 2011 to be a year of RESOLVE, in all aspects of the word. I will close the door on the old, open the door to the new and with everything that the Lord puts in my heart, I will follow through with determination.

Have you ever done a “Word of the Year”? Do you have one for 2011?


  1. Great word, Tony! Love how you dissected it! Onward, my friend!

  2. Great idea and I loved this post — brillant. I’ll have to give this some thought

  3. this is awesome! I love how you have looked at the word from all different angles and really dug deep into it. Wow – this is great Tony!

  4. I never thought of resolve as re-solve before. I like it.

    I actually chose 3 words over on my blog: Deep. See. Dive.


    But if I have to choose one, I’ll go with “see.” I want to see the miraculous in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

    So excited to “see” what God does with all of us this year!

  5. Love the idea. I’ll have to give it some thought. Our focus in our ministry this year is “Engage”…maybe that needs to be my personal word for the year. I really like the way you have incorporated all the nuances of the word! Pray your year is full of the things you envision, and more, as God fills it.

  6. Totally with you man. Re-solve. Sounds really similar to what the principle of my word was. I chose “story”. I know I’m ripping off Don Miller, but I cannot help but think there is so much more to my story that I’ve yet to uncover.

  7. Love the post and the thought behind it! I have not decided on a word but I love the idea!

  8. i love the way you broke “resolve” down to “re-solve”. such a great way for me to think about it.

    this is gonna be a huge year for you, tony. huge.

  9. I like this concept. It’s simple and effective. Gotta think on my word now. :)

  10. Great word for the year! I am right there with you on resolving things in my past so that I can look forward instead of back.

  11. I like your word…I’m curious to see how it impacts your life this year.

  12. I love how you broke down the definition of resolve, with both the noun and verb form being represented. It caused me to sit back and meditate on that word in a way I never have before, especially since we hear it every New Year.
    I, too, have never participated in one word resolutions but I am this year as well. I’ll be sharing what I’ve written about it soon.

  13. I like it. And actually, I do have a word that God has been speaking to me over and over for weeks for the coming year: Fearless. That’s what my year is going to be about and encouraging others to be the same. Thanks Tony.

  14. A word that i love in your expression on resolve is INTENTIONALITY. My prayer is that by the grace of God with every intention you WILL resolve. I know the Lord has amazing things in store for you this year!!

  15. Totally rocking idea bro’…I have the feeling you will accomplish many great things this year! Praying for you bro;

    The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t. ~Henry Ward Beecher

  16. Ryan Groth says:

    great word tony! You are a great man to look up to. Re-solve is a great definition. Kinda like re-presenting Jesus, like presenting Him again to someone. Love it

  17. Ooh yeah, resolve is a great word. I love words that have multiple facets like that. Very cool.

    Like you, Tony, I had never done a word of the year before but saw a few done this year and decided to join in. My word for 2011 is Vulnerability. I’ve seen God move tremendously when people let down their guard and allow themselves to be vulnerable. I want to help create environments this year where that can happen. And that starts with my own example. Should be an awesome year!

  18. Your resolution is the word “resolve.” Love it :)

  19. Oh, I’ll be remembering re-solve. That’s a pretty strong word picture.

    I’m not sure if “birth” is my word of the year, but it’s certainly a theme for right now. I’m loving this exercise!


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