Weekend Wrap Up

Welcome to a new series on the blog. The Weekend Wrap Up will be sort of a digest of the blog week, a highlight of some of my favorite blogs and other odds and ends. I hope you enjoy!

Blogs I Wrote

With the short holiday week, I only wrote two blogs this week:

On Nouns, Verbs and a Writer’s Identity: This was a special one for me as I discuss the dreaded label of “writer”. I talk about how the verbs of what I do cannot not define me. I look to the nouns of who I am to get my identity. A lot of commenters were able to identify (pun intended) with this one.

How Quoting Can Compromise Credibility: I’m a sucker for alliteration so I loved this title. I talk about my love of quotes but how, if you’re not careful, over relying on quotes can compromise your credibility. There were a lot of great comments and quotes on this post.

Blogs I Read

My True Bollywood Story: Part III by Katie Mae: If you haven’t already heard:


My fiancé (is it just me that feels weird saying that word?) Katie wrote a beautiful post about our engagement story. Check it out and give her a virtual high five in the comments.

Everyone’s Frozen by Michael Perkins: New handwritten goodness by Mr. Perkins. I’ve missed these.

Why Good Writing Is Like Good Fireworks by Jeff Goins: Jeff wrote an excellent piece comparing the wonder of fireworks to the thrill of a good read.

Welcoming Special Needs Families by Jason Wert: My buddy Jason wrote an excellent piece for Ministry Matters about dealing with special needs families in the church. He lays out 4 practical and feasible steps that churches can take to minister to these families. I’m proud of Jason for accomplishing one of his goals for the year!

Books I Read

Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell: I flew up to West Virginia to drive down to Florida with Katie. I forgot to bring the book I was reading so I looked in my Kindle on the iPhone. Low and behold, I found this book which I got as a free download awhile back. I read it in 3 days. It was actually really good. I definitely would have had BIG problems with this book just 3 years ago but my mindset (and maturity) has changed quite a bit. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it as a great challenge to the status quo. Eat the meat, spit out the bones.

Miscellaneous Blog Stuff

I changed the blog up a bit recently. I moved the navigation up to the top, I removed the categories from the menu and I switched the content over to the left side. I also added a few new pages:

Guest Posting: If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for this site, check out the new page. I provide all the deets which are necessary to contribute.

What I’m Reading: For all my fellow bookworms, this page keeps track of all the books I’m reading this year. I use Shelfari to manage my list. Connect with me if you sign up.

Shameless Promo

What was the best post you wrote this week?
What was the best post you read this week?


  1. oooo I love this!
    Jenny recently posted..Little Bit of Tangled Bling | Photography Adventures

  2. I think my best post I wrote this week may have been my most recent one, I liked that one the most anyways. I think the best one I read this week was your quote post (to be honest it’s the only blog I’ve read this week, I’ve been busy).

    Like the changes, crisp new look.
    Jess recently posted..The Doctor Is Always In

  3. I think my favorite that I’ve read – is your engagement story from your finance’! How sweet and wonderful is that? I have many favorite articles – the one I wrote today is pretty cool: http://cindyholman.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/how-persistent-are-you/
    Cindy Holman recently posted..How Persistent Are You?

  4. Wow…I wasn’t expecting to see me on that list. :) Thanks, Tony. I appreciate it man.
    Jason recently posted..Day 189: Walk the line

  5. Congratulations!! Nice work my man. Like I mentioned on your fiancee’s blog (haha, I loved using that word) my wife and I had a whirlwind romance as well and it’s been the best adventure ever.

    Basically I caught her checking me out at church, we flirted mercilessly at the 4th of July, started dating 4 weeks later, proposed 6 weeks after that and were married in 6 months.

    If you like/love it put a ring on it. BOOM!
    ThatGuyKC recently posted..The Trouble with Finishing

  6. Congrats, Arny! I’m definitely partial to WordPress. If nothing else, for the commenting system alone. Blogger is wonky and annoying for comments.

    Be sure to leave a link to your post so anyone can find it easily!

  7. I loved Velvet Elvis, I’ve read it 3x at least. I’ve lost count (yes, apparently anything after 3 is hazy for me).

    Oh and congrats – well done sir!
    Charlie’s Church of Christ recently posted..Personal Update, Or I Attempt To Excuse The Lack Of Posts Despite Being Unemployed

    • Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to like it so much. I especially loved what he said about finding his identity apart from being “superpastor” and his thoughts on discipleship. Really, really good stuff!

      And thanks for the congrats, Charlie!

  8. I just switched to WordPress! lol…

    My Weekend for Thought #14: child like faith…was good and what the movie 127 hours taught me about christ…

    my posts this week…thanks for stopping by from time to time…
    Arny recently posted..I’ve Moved to WordPress and Weekend for Thought #14

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